About The Artist

Kathleen Woodward’s paintings express a life of vibrant color and a legacy of graceful faith.

After attending UC Berkley during the cultural explosion of the 1970’s Kathleen sought a pure form of expression that was consistent with her traditional upbringing and free spirit.  Her childhood passion of jewelry making and engraving was set free from the simple relief of silver and steel as she set off with an easel and palette to paint the world.

Kathleen’s early development as an artist was shaped by her close friendship with noted California Plein Aire painter, Pam Glover.   Glover at the time was painting with Louis Siegriest, a founder of the avant-garde art movement in California’s Society of Six.  The heightened sense of color and influence of fauvism in Glover and Siegriest’s work was strong and took hold of Kathleen’s brush.

With showings across the West Coast throughout the mid 1990’s and representation in elite collections, Kathleen Woodward’s influence within the art movement was certain.  But her faith told her to stop.  After a vibrant beginning, she quit with a half finished canvas resting against her easel.

By faith, Kathleen refocused her expression towards the people around her.  Family, community service, and spiritual growth became the primary colors of her life.  She dedicated herself to raising and homeschooling three children and bought a horse.  Painting was rendered to the past.

Kathleen’s return is a testimony to life’s movement.  With faith she waited to overcome, not sure if color and canvas would return or be replaced by a new form of personal expression.  Now a new, fresh look has emerged in her artwork that expresses the same faith that once called her away.

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